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Welcome To Corporate Triathlete

It’s my mission to guide you towards a life blessed with health, fitness, and good nutrition.

Somewhere along the way our society lost its focus on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. We’ve come to believe that a pill or a surgery will fix all our ailments. Why not just try to prevent them?

I’m here to show you that making your health your main priority is far cheaper, easier, and a lot more rewarding than any pill or surgery will ever be.

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  • Hot Chocolate 15K

Hot Chocolate 15K

Hot Chocolate 15K – San Diego, CA: March 22, 2015

First race […]

My Happy Clients

I recently completed Couch to 5K, and Renée has been coaching me along the way here in MA. She has kept me on track and always has positive reinforcement for me when I need it most. If she can help me get off the couch from 3000 miles away, imagine what she can do for you in person!
William Cole, Fitness Motivation Client
Renée gives gentle but steady encouragement which is great for someone who is just getting back into working out. She has even gotten me to enjoy boot camp style workouts, something I was always too intimidated to try! I always look forward to my workouts with her.
Barbara Thomason, Personal Training Client
Boot camps are the best! No pressure. You work up to your own ability level which you will see improve each time. Plus, you will have a blast because the people there are supportive and fun. It’s social time with weights.
Christina Nowacki, Bootcamp Client